Alumni Artists

Viridian now offers a special gallery affiliation for artists who were formally represented by Viridian. Alumni artists will be invited to participate in a special exhibition each season with other Alumni and have a portfolio with 4-6 images along with their artist statement and bio on the gallery website. The fee for an Alumni artist is $300 annually. If you are an artist or manage the estate of an artist who was formerly represented by Viridian and want to be remain a part of the gallery, exhibit annually with us and be featured on our website, email us at .

Artists Estates

We are in our fiftieth year, an accomplishment we are duly proud of. Sadly, due to our longevity and time passing, some of our artists have died and so we feel it appropriate to offer the families and spouses of these Viridian Artists the opportunity to continue to exhibit their art with us as well as maintain a portfolio on our website at a reduced cost. In addition, an Estate Affiliation includes continuing solo exhibitions and participation in group shows, for the art lives on. Please contact the gallery director if you handle the estate of a former Viridian Artist and are interested in maintaining a relationship with us and keeping that artist's work "alive".