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“FRESH”: A Young Artists POP–UP
with Ana Guraieb Chahin, Artist Known as X, Bamoozie, Gentry Pack, Sarah Jarrett
July 16 – July 20, 2019
Opening Reception Thursday, July 18, 6–8PM

Chelsea, NYC: Viridian Artists is pleased to present “FRESH” our first Young Artists POP–UP, an exhibition of paintings, drawings, photographs and constructions by Ana Guraieb Chahin, The Artist Known as X, Bamoozie, Gentry Pack, & Sarah Jarrett. The exhibition opens July 16 and continues until July 20, 2019, with an opening reception Thursday, July 18, 6–8PM.

Viridian Artists is a hybrid gallery with the primary objective of showing the art of outstanding under-known artist of all ages. Usually we don’t address an artist’s age but instead focus on the artwork itself, but in this case, we decided to focus on both. New York City since the forties & fifties has been the destination of serious artists, but in the last decade, the expense of living in New York City has made it nearly prohibitive for young artists to move here who are seeking a reputation & respect for their art. Those who do must work hard, spend little & share apartments & studios in order to survive. In fact, it has become expensive all over the world but artists continue to figure out ways to survive as well as remain creative wherever they are.

 To address this problem and give a hand, Viridian has begun a Young Artists Program with greatly reduced costs & more frequent opportunities for artists under 30 to show their work. These five artists are our first “Young Artists.”  Both Ana Guraieb Chahin and Sarah Jarrett came to Viridian as winners in past Juried competitions and we discovered Bamoozie’s art in a pop–up exhibit at another gallery in Chelsea.  The Artist Known as X & Gentry Pack discovered our interest in helping young artists and came to us after seeing the gallery website.

 Most of these artists live outside the city and as faraway as  California, but they all share a strong devotion to their art and revelations of their inner thoughts and lives. Gentry Pack’s graphic imagery addresses emotional aspects of being a sensitive young man in today’s world; Bamoozie is an artist/actor who uses words & imagery with layered meanings; Ana G. Chahin recently received her MFA in fiber and explores new textile forms; Sarah Jarrett is a figurative artist who uses old family photos, found photos, memories, and experiences to create her work and “The Artist Known as X” creates photographic imagery digitally reproduced on aluminum.

 We look forward to seeing you at this celebration of Young Art filled with “FRESH” ideas.


Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12–6pm