“Similarities and Differences”

January 12- 30, 2016
reception Thursday January 14, 6-8pm


Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present an exhibition of outstanding art by nine artists who are part of Viridian Artists’ Affiliate program. The “Similarities and Differences” in these artists’ creations are not immediately apparent, but each has a personal vision that that often supersedes their imagery. Their meanings & motives reveal themselves and it is then that we understand move clearly their “Similarities and Differences”. The show extends from January 12th to 30th with a reception to meet the artists Thursday January 14th, 6-8pm.

“In his “Urban Abstracts” series, Joshua Greenberg uses abstraction to portray the determined vigilance and complex beauty of urban landscapes.”

In Renee Kahn’s “Waiting” a Masai warrior is tending his flock and waiting and watching in case a lion should appear and threaten his flock.”

      “During her 2015 residency at Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Elvira Lantenhammer produced the new series “Virginian Siteplans“. “Coming from colorfield painting, the traditional landscape view is not visible in Lantenhammer’s artwork. Painting in bright and intense colors with pigment/eggtempera on Himalayan paper, {the work}gives back to a rational world that what cannot be measured, only sensually perceived: the aura, the atmosphere, of a location“ ( Beate Reese )

      Rosemary K Lyons talks about her new “Alter Piece”. “This series of new works has its base in early Medieval altar pieces. They present a flower painted in the ancient technique of egg tempera. They are surrounded by bas relief gold structures embossed with evocative words. The words are from an internal dialogue about my existence as an artist.”

     Jeffrey Melzack’s painting, “Inscape Architecture” was given an honorable mention in the online “Art” website. The painting visualizes a moment in the life of the mind, a “snapshot” freezing the moment to make possible a forensic study.”

Sarah Riley created a series of monoprints paying tribute to Camille Claudel, Rodin’s rejected protégée and lover. A talented scuptor in her own right, but often emotional, economic and family considerations beyond her control stood in front of her artmaking.

     Kathleen Shanahan’s Torii Series are 4 mixed media works born out of repurposing various by-products of the printmaking process. Anthropomorphic Skate,another mixed media work, is a combination of various print making processes with additional hand painting and collage.

    Sheila Smith’s latest photos are a series entitled “Night – N.Y.C.” The artist feels that photographing at night in N.Y.C. (especially rainy nights) can produce moody images that are magical.”

    Meredeth Turshen is exhibiting new bold, layered and textured paintings on paper in oil paint; the compositions evoke energy and movement and radiate light.” 

Viridian’s Affiliate program is one of the many ways in which our gallery continues its mission of supporting the art of outstanding “underknown” artists.

Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12-6PM