“Art*Thought*Gift” Viridian Artists & Guests Holiday Show

Viridian Artists & Guests Holiday Show
December 7th to December 24th, 2010
opening reception will be on Saturday, December 11th 4-7PM

Chelsea: Viridian Artists Holiday show this season is called “Art*Thought* Gift” and extends from December 7th to December 24th. The festive opening reception will be on Saturday, December 11th 4-7. We’re hoping that those planning to come will “sparkle plenty”—both in personality and dress! Holiday time is fast approaching and what better way to spread the cheer and deal with gifting, but with art. Viridian Artists have invited guest artists as well to share their latest artworks in this group show whose title - "Art*Thought*Gift" takes off on the popular book & movie of nearly the same name. In this consumer culture now confronted with not enough money, what better way to spend then to invest in art and enlighten those who already have too much? And for those with not enough, people in the know realize that art can give solace to those souls hungry for comfort and understanding. In keeping with today's economy, there will be a special section of art available for under $100- Small works framed and unframed, limited edition prints, artist books, small sculptures that could be tree ornaments & the like. Though art may not be food for the body, art IS food for the mind & soul.